Curry ( make your own)

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Chicken $21.99
Paneer $19.99
Saffron potato Kofta $18.99
Tender NZ Lamb $22.99
Soya Chaap Tikka $19.99
Fish $22.99
Prawn $22.99
Duck Bone in $24.99
Mushroom $19.99

Choose your Sauce

Tikka Masala

Thick onion gravy with onion, capsicum, tomato flavor with garam masala

Butter sauce 

Tomato, cream and fenugreek gravy

Madrash curry

curry leaves, coconut cream onion and nuts gravy

Almond and saffron Korma sauce

Cashew based creamy sauce.

Himalayan chef Special Koyla curry

Thick onion gravy, cream, ginger, garlic, tomato, and then finally infuse with charcoal flavor


cooked with spinach and spices


cooked with diced capsicum, onion and tomato in thick onion gravy flavour with cumin and coriander.

Methi Malai

Creamy gravy cooked with methi and succulent pieces of protein

Andhra Masala

Creamy thick onion gravy with Ginger Garlic and Andhra spices and poppy seed

Coconut and Lemon Grass

thick onion gravy, leamongrass and kaffir lime, ginger, garlic and coconut cream